Cycling East

cycling eastAlex Gandy is cycling east across Asia beginning in Istanbul.

He has no fixed destination or timeframe.  His plan is to have no plan.

My objective is to live simply and journey to places far and seldom visited in a form which allows complete freedom. Moving through the world at a pace dictated by the land under my wheels, the food in my belly and the stamina in my legs, and learning about the world and its people as I go.

I make some preparation so initially the plan is to cycle Turkey and Iran (visa permitting) and on into Central Asia: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan hopefully taking in the Pamir Highway, if the political situation permits. But my plans are loose and everything is subject to change on a whim.

Alex is a [highlight]talented photographer[/highlight] and documents his journey meticulously through images and words.

Although he’s just five weeks into his tour, Alex has already seen his share of adventure.  Check out his Hills, Hospitals and Hospitality post to find out more.

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