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How would you like to set off on and never come back?  That’s exactly what happened to Mirjam Wouters (AKA Cycling Dutch Girl) way back in March 2007.  After several failed attempts at settling down, she came to the conclusion that “you don’t necessarily have to study, work, have babies, die.”

Mirjam is truly living the dream and the unfolding of her adventures is fascinating to follow.

Here she shares early thoughts about setting off:

I’ve got the date!
I’m leaving on my bike the 20th of March. And that’s all about I’ve planned.
Personally I think that is a whole lot for a un-organized, kindda lazy, messy and slightly chaotic person like myself…

Six years on, Mirjam has biked through Europe, pedaled across Asia and spent several years exploring Australia’s backroads.

She’s currently in New Zealand and will be heading off to Japan this June to continue her two wheeled adventure.

This bicycle touring blog is[highlight] chock full of inspiring photos[/highlight] and [highlight]entertaining tales[/highlight] from the road.

Follow along at Cycling Dutch Girl.

Cycling Dutch Girl
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