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Australians Alex and Kat set off in July 2012 to ride their bikes from Amsterdam to Melbourne.  The couple intends to be on the road for at least two years, but have nothing holding them back from riding longer.

Their plan is to follow the summer…

meeting awesome people, learning about new cultures, tasting new foods, hearing the most soulful sounds, appreciating different lifestyles, seeing the coolest attractions, smelling amazing new scents, finding out the secret to happiness, taking amazing photos, making new friends, riding up the biggest mountains, swimming in the bluest lakes, patting the cutest kittens, bribing the dodgiest police officers and more.

On Cycling About you’ll find inspiring stories of people and places plus a wealth of bicycle touring resources.

What’s more, the site is one of the best organized bicycle touring blogs on the web.  Be sure to check out Cycling About’s  bicycle touring tips, their information on bikes and gear and the helpful section on World Trip planning

Alex and Kat are currently biking in Georgia (the country, not the state) heading towards Central Asia and Iran.  This is a fun and inspiring bicycle blog so be sure to follow along as Kat and Alex bike home to Melbourne.


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