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London to Cape Town with Matt and Tom – Go Bicycle Touring!

“Throwing ourselves into the ether of life, soaking up as much as we can, learning every step of the way and pedaling for as long as our budgets will allow.”  That’s the plan for  Matt Chennells and Tom Perkins as they bike from Tom’s home near London to Matt’s home in Cape Town.

Tom and Matt’s Road Less Travelled website goes far beyond your average run-of-the-mill bicycle touring blog.  These creative geniuses have truly taken the art of documenting a journey by bicycle to the next level.  The photography is stunning and inventive and the team’s videos truly capture the essence of cycle touring.

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The writing is both reflective and insightful as well as humorous and even downright hilarious at times.   Here’s a snippet from their bike touring days in Ethiopia:

I get smiles and screams from small children who run streaming from their homes into the road, a tip of the hat from an old man sitting in the shade, shy smiles from a group of girls on the way home from school, pumping thumbs up into the air from young shepherd boys, gossiping cackles from older women laden with plastic containers of water who respond gleefully to my bumbling attempts at Ahmaric (Ethiopia’s unique language with its own alphabet).

These events are precious to me because they are sudden and spontaneous, unique moments in time which I share with someone I will most likely never see again and who’s understanding of the world may be completely different to my own. We, who know nothing about each other, create, for a fleeting moment, a mini-bond that we both understand and appreciate. What an amazing prospect: that people from completely different cultures, races, societies, lifestyles, everything, can still genuinely share a moment together. Without wanting to ideologically extrapolate too much, consider what this means about a common humanity or global social contract. What a nice warm sixties feeling!

If that’s not enough to satiate your appetite for bike touring inspiration, pop on over to their Spices and Spandex section for some ideas on how to give your camp stove cooking some flare.

I just can’t say enough about this site’s many merits.

You’d better pop over there yourself and join in the fun as Tom and Matt spin their wheels towards South Africa.

London to Cape Town with Matt and Tom
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