Tom Walwyn and Sarah Hedges set off from Banff, Canada in August 2010 with the simple idea of a bicycle journey: no time limit and no particular destination.

The couple plunged into cycle touring by riding the infamously challenging ACA Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.  By the time they reached the Mexico border, Tom and Sarah had begun toying with the idea of pedaling all the way to Patagonia.

Sarah explores how their bicycle meanderings somehow morphed into a quest to ride to the tip of South America in her post the Cycling Work Ethic.

Destinations and time limits aside, we seem to have developed a rather ridiculous cycling work ethic. After a while it ceases to be something you are doing for fun and becomes more like a full time job. We feel guilty if we start late, finish early, take too long for lunch, ride a shorter distance or time than usual, take too many rest days. We’ve set ourselves a standard and a whole bunch of rules – about cycling! How daft is that! It’s only coming from ourselves – no-one else really knows or cares about these details of our day to day lives. I don’t know why this has crept in. Maybe even here, living the ultimately free and simple life of the cycle tourist, it is hard to throw off our cultural tendencies. Where there is no externally imposed structure or routine, we create our own.

Be sure to delve into the Bicycle Nomad archives because the rest of the writing is just as observant and reflective.

While Tom and Sarah’s travel tales are sure to engage and inspire you, what’s best about the Bicycle Nomad site is the Route Notes.

Here you will find detailed information about planning your own bicycle tour through Latin America.

Follow the links below for detailed maps and information about routes, roads,  and high passes in much of Latin America:

Mexico Bicycle Route Information

Guatemala Bicycle Route information

Honduras Bicycle Route Information

Nicaragua Bicycle Route Information

Colombia Bicycle Route Information

Ecuador Bicycle Route Information

Peru Bicycle Route Information

Bolivia Bicycle Route Information

Chile Bicycle Route Information

Argentina Bicycle Route Information

This is one of the very best resources I’ve come across for planning a bicycle tour through Central and South America.

After 20 months on the road, Tom and Sarah’s bicycle tour has just recently come to a close and the couple is now back at home in Sydney.

Check out Bicycle Nomad and starting planning your own bicycle ride all the way down to Patagonia.

Bicycle Nomad: Well-told travel tales and route notes from South America
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2 thoughts on “Bicycle Nomad: Well-told travel tales and route notes from South America

  • April 13, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    Couldn’t agree more about what a great site Sarah and Tom have put together. Really interesting and well-written blog posts and lots of useful information for off the beaten track adventures.
    Will miss the updates now their trip has come to an end!

  • April 19, 2012 at 11:22 am

    Thank you for including us in your list of blogs. It’s good that the route notes will be useful to people – we’d love to hear from people who use them. Also just to say that we live in Fremantle, Western Australia.
    Tom and Sarah


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