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Daring Dynamos: a ride around the world in search of the ultimate musical experience – Go Bicycle Touring!

Tom Nelson and Phil Saunders set off from London on 17th March 2012, to embark on an epic adventure.

Their plan?   Cycle 30,000 kilometers around the world, in search of the ultimate musical experience, raising money for the charity War Child along the way.

With a shared love of music, they will be exploring its different forms in the various cultural surroundings through which they travel.

The reasons they mention for wanting to take time out for a long-distance bicycle tour will resonate with many dreaming of a ride around the world:

  • Escaping the 9-5 rat race
  • Leaving ‘society’ for a while
  • Fulfilling my urge to travel before any serious commitments
  • Wanting to ‘find myself’
  • Seeing the world at ‘bike pace’
  • Raising money for a fantastic charity
  • Experiencing different cultures and religions
  • Completing a great adventure

To get a better feel for what’s in store from the Daring Dynamos, check out this video:

[vsw id=”UYQlodxuVeg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Here’s a snippet from their very first blog posting, a recap of their ride to Amsterdam:

Our alarm went off at a refreshing 5.30am, and our tyres touched tarmac by 6am. The cycle to Dover was a quick one, despite heavy legs and freezing temperatures. Things were real for us now; the realisation of leaving the country was sinking in.

After an overpriced Burger King, we boarded the ferry and waved goodbye to the Motherland. The perfect blue sun and the disappearing White cliffs provided us both with the symbolism and the epic moment we were craving. With no real plans ahead of us, the world truly was our oyster, and only now is that fact starting to sink in.

Our extreme tiredness was illustrated by my bemusement when red lines didn’t appear under misspelt words in my handwritten journal.

Eventually, the boat docked, we disembarked and headed out on a NE bearing. Our aim was to get to Bruges, however, we soon realised that we had lost an hour and were 10km further south than anticipated. This meant we had 86km ahead of us, and about 4 hours of light left.

Just like the light, our confidence was fading and we started to think of where we could camp. After much debating we decided to ‘man up’ and cycle until we got to the most famous Belgium city. Baring in mind our furthest practise cycle was 60km, some might have considered this foolish, and come 4 o’clock, we thought the same. Our legs were heavy; we were exhausted and still had a long way to go.

We stopped for a revitalizing lunch in the picturesque Vernes. Belgium is made for cycling. We started to eat away at the kilometres, and before too long we were on the outskirts of Bruges. The city is unbelievably beautiful, with medieval spires and iconic cobble roads; unfortunately, I spent the most of our three days there in bed with a chest infection and fever.

Not a good start to our two-year journey!

This round the world bicycle tour may be off to a rocky start, but I’m certain  this determined pair will soon get the swing of things.

A little help from kind-hearted strangers and the support of loyal blog followers will make their tour even easier.

Follow along:  www.daringdynamos.com

Daring Dynamos: a ride around the world in search of the ultimate musical experience

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