“A tribute to the bicycle and its ability to take us far away.”

That’s the tagline on Ron Wheeler’s popular website featuring stunning photos of fully-loaded touring bikes.

The Loaded Touring Bikes website is a continuation of Ron’s original Fully Loaded Touring Bike – Photo Gallery website.

Three brand- new features on the Loaded Touring Bikes website:

Epic Tours

Super Tours

and Expeditions

give you three more reasons to spend some time browsing this amazing collection of bicycle photos.

In the new sections,  you’ll find not just photos of fully-loaded touring bicycles, but also the stories of the people behind the bikes.

If your tour fits into the Epic, Super or Expedition category, get in touch with Ron and make sure it gets featured.

Ron is also accepting photos of loaded touring bikes, just be sure to check out the submission guidelines before sending your photo.

Visit the Loaded Touring Bikes Facebook page to get updates when new bikes and articles are added.

Check out the Loaded Touring Bike Website for hundreds of inspiring photos of fully-loaded touring bikes AND stories of the people behind the bikes.

Hundreds of Photos of Fully-Loaded Touring Bikes

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