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Finding practical information about bicycle touring can be surprisingly tough.  Sure, there are lots of blogs showcasing inspiring photos and well-told touring tales, but the nuts and bolts of bicycle touring are harder to track down.

Andes by Bike, the brand-new site from Pikes on Bikes, is the South America cycle touring resource we’ve all been waiting for.  This site, the brainchild of Harriet and Neil Pike, will make planning a tour through the backroads and over the high passes of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile or Peru a snap.

The best part of Andes by Bike is that it’s comprehensive, well-organized and easy to use.  You’ll find information on everything from the state of the road, to where to find supplies to detailed maps with altitude statistics and route suggestions.

The best place to start is on the overview section of the country you’re interested in biking.  This will whet your appetite for the adventure that lies ahead and get you inspired about your destination.

Here’s what Neil and Harriet have to say about Argentina:

Argentina is a fantastic place for a cycle tour. We planned on staying a couple of months, but only managed to drag ourselves away after 10 months and over 10,000km in this wonderful land. The variety of landscape this huge country has to offer is simply astounding. If you’re looking for a challenge, the Puna in the north-west or the Patagonian steppe on Ruta 40 will test you. If you prefer to cycle in more populated areas, the well established camping culture, great food and wine and gregarious locals will all make for an enjoyable trip.

Next you can move on to the advice in the Preparations Section where you’ll find tips on border crossings, weather conditions and suggestions on which maps to use.

Finally, you can lay out firm plans for your next Andean bike tour using the Routes and Passes Sections as your guide,

Andes by Bike is the best resource I’ve come across for planning a tour through the mountains of South America.

Thanks to this site, there are no more excuses for sticking to the Pan American Highway.  Break out on to the backroads of South America and find out what real adventure is all about.

Visit the website: Andes by Bike

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