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The Cycle Diaries – Go Bicycle Touring!

The Cycle Diaries is the chronicle of two mates, Matt and Andy, as they cycle from London to Sydney.  Here’s what each aspires to accomplish as they cycle 13,000 miles through 22 countries on three continents.

Andy’s Aims for the Expedition

  • To raise a £50’000 for War Child
  • To record an entertaining account of our travels & to inspire and motivate others
  • To challenge my own preconceptions of other people and places
  • To get to Sydney in one piece
  • To travel, as far as is reasonable, by bike

Matt’s Aims for the Expedition

  • To learn about the history and culture of the places we visit
  • To engage, as much as possible with the people we meet
  • To take on a challenge greater than anything I have ever done before
  • To raise £50,000 for War Child
  • It is my great hope to inspire and motivate others

As far as I can tell, both Andy and Matt are doing a fine job reaching their objectives.  An entertaining blog indeed, inspiring for sure and from their latest diary entry, The Princes of Persia, it sounds like they’ve gone far in challenging preconceptions of people and places.

Although clearly not princes, the way Andy and I have been treated by almost every Iranian we meet has made us feel like royalty. Hospitality is very important in the Muslim world and they are taught to give everything to guests rather than to share.

When staying with someone we have to fight to pay for anything or to help cook or clean even after staying somewhere for a week. Every day we receive offers from complete strangers ranging from chai to a place to stay.

I have never known a country where the perception was more out of kilter with the reality, Iran is a special place and we are already working out a return visit. The government is a completely different matter and everyone we met berated them. I would not judge the people of this country by its government or vice versa.

More satisfied visitors to an “Axis of Evil” country.

Do follow along as they continue their epic ride eastward and consider giving to their chosen charity, War Child.  If you can manage a donation of  £10 or more, you’ll receive a hand-written postcard from some exotic location.

Visit the site: The Cycle Diaries

The Cycle Diaries

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