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Spokes that Speak: on the fly through South America – Go Bicycle Touring!

Canadians Jenny and Matt have traded in a life of tree planting for two-wheeled travel through South America.  All that digging resulted in strong arms and big biceps and the pedaling has produced massive calves and rock-hard quads.

Spokes that Speak  is your ultimate on the fly bicycle tour.  Many cyclists spend months, even years, planning a major tour.

Not  Jenny and Matt.   Basically they woke up one day in Colombia and said hey, biking would be a lot more fun than conventional travel.  Let’s give it a try.

They had no bicycles, no fancy gear and really no idea what they were getting themselves into.

Their first step was to get equipped with custom Colombian built touring bikes and then cobble together some basic gear.

Fast forward a few months, and the couple now finds themselves in Ecuador, reveling in the freedom and adventure of bicycle touring.

Here’s what they had to say in a recent dispatch from South America:

The taste of powdered milk and granola conversed with our tastes buds, bringing a familiar start to our day. The air was slightly humid and the temperature was cool, which was perfect. There is nothing worse than starting to bike in the punishing heat from morning until the evening.

As we left the town, the road began to rise, gradually reaching for higher altitude. Two hour had passed and we had traversed about fifteen kilometers. I blame it on our surroundings. Not necessarily the incline of the road, but waterfalls that we couldn’t help ourselves from taking pictures of. We only had approximately twenty-two to go, I think we were certain we would crush those kilometers and get to the boarder…

Again we were set back by the steady pace of the mountains. As we pedaled we watched vehicles spew out carbon monoxide from their exhaust pipes.

We choked through their smog and pressed onward. So did the grade of the mountains.

Foodies will enjoy Jenny and Matts photo food essays about all the delicious eats found in South America.

Matt and Jenny still have several more blissful months of riding before they reach Patagonia.  Remember, this tour is all about doing it on the fly.  Matt and Jenny still don’t have “real panniers or proper gear.”  Will they be able to survive the Andes without a high-tech tent and quality down sleeping bags?  Will the powerful Patagonian winds be too much for them without the protection of Gortx gear?

Follow along and find out it all turns out.

Visit the site:  Spokes that Speak

Spokes that Speak: on the fly through South America

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