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A Spin Around the World – Go Bicycle Touring!

Canadians Jen and Jeff are attempting to spin their wheels around the world.  Bicycle touring, as well as the minimalist lifestyle that accompanies it, are both new to these enthusiastic adventurers.

Browsing this blog brings me back to that thrilling time of a new beginning.  Travel fatigue and cynicism have yet to set in.  Jen and Jeff write with honesty and humor about life on the road and all the novel situations they experience.

In a recent post, Jen discusses the ins and outs of biking through a Muslim country:

Being a Lady in Turkey…on a Bicycle

Of course traveling by bike means that we go through all the rural areas as well, and this is where I noticed the eyes of everyone drawn to me and any exposed limbs. The gap in female behavior from rural to urban women is quite noticeable and a lady has to be more conscientious off the tourist trail.

So how to tell, and how to avoid offense? On the bike, I always kept my sweater handy and threw it on before entering a populated area until I could get a sense of the comfort level. In the cities I always carry a pashmina (or scarf) that can easily cover my arms and chest if I feel uncomfortable or the necessity to be modest. As for traveling with a boyfriend, if you’re ever asked, which we seldom were, obviously always say that you are married, and if possible wear a ring on the symbolic finger.

My advice to any women heading to Turkey will just be to pack modest clothes and when in doubt err on the side of caution. Bring a fake ring if it will make you feel more comfortable (they’re a handy travel trick for a lady anywhere), and just remember that you’re best lady-like manners will get you everywhere.

To get a quick sense of the trip, you can check out their Photo of the Week section.

So far the tour has taken Jen and Jeff through Italy, Greece and Turkey.  Next up is Egypt.

They’ll surely glean some interesting post-revolution insights into this fast changing country, so now’s the time to get on board.

Check out A Spin Around the World and find out what adventures await Jen and Jeff

A Spin Around the World

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