10 Blogs with Beautiful Bicycle Touring Photography

Browsing through beautiful photos is one of the best ways to get inspired to set off on a bicycle tour.  It’s also a great way to improve your own photography and get ideas for new composition and lighting techniques.

Here are a 10 bicycle touring blogs (in no particular order) featuring outstanding photography.

Bicycling Around the World

Paul Jeurissen is a professional photographer specialized in bicycle and travel photography.  His latest project is a multi-year cycling tour with partner Grace Johnson.  Paul and Grace have put together a useful list of photography tips for cyclists on tour.  Their site features their own stunning images from around the world as well as those of guest photographers.

Tom’s Bike Trip

With a documentary film under his belt and a book in the works, Tom Allen is turning into something of a creative genius within the world of bicycle touring. Tom has toured extensively through Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Next up is in North America.  His creative photos can be found here.

Helen’s Take On

After cycling solo through Africa, Helen has now teamed up with Lars Bengtsson  to cycle the Americas.  Helen’s bold compositions, eye for color and unique shots will get you hooked on her adventures.

Bound South

The Berg Brothers, Isaiah, David and Nathan, are biking the Americas and capturing the beauty of the landscapes and people as they pedal past.

The Big Africa Cycle

Peter Gostelow’s compelling photos capture the true spirit of Africa.  Photo sets can be found here.

The Path Less Pedaled

Russ Roca is a professional photographer and bicycle advocate who travels with partner Laura Crawford. Their latest images are of the stunning New Zealand countryside.

While Out Riding

Cass Gilbert’s photos have appeared in numerous cycling publications.  Biking the Americas is his latest project.

The Geography of Youth

Alan Winslow and Morrigan McCarthy are two American photographers who have recently embarked on a round the world bicycle tour.  Their latest images come from Chile’s Atacama Desert.

Walk’s World

David Walker has spent half his adult life on the road,  cycling a total of more than 100,000 kilometers.  He has a particular fondness for capturing the beauty of Asia.

Bicycle Touring on Flickr

OK, it’s not a blog, but it is the best place to share your bike touring photos and discover fellow cyclists with a keen interest in photography.

What's your favorite?
These are just a few of  the many bicycle touring blogs featuring excellent photography.  What’s your favorite?

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