Being sight-impaired isn’t going to stop Americans Christi Bruchok and Tauru Chaw from chasing their dream of riding the entire length of the Americas.  The couple is on a mission to spread the word that people with visual disabilities can still do amazing things.

The 16,000 mile, 18-month journey by tandem from Ushuaia, Argentina to Deadhorse, Alaska is just getting underway so this is a great time to get in on the ride.

Christi and Tauru are well aware of what they’re getting into, having already successfully cycled across the USA in 2009.

As they cycle the lengthof the Americas, they’ll be visiting schools for the blind and sharing their experiences of overcoming obstacles.

To better understand exactly how Christi and Tauru see the world, you can check out their About Us page.  Christi’s world is a constant blur, but she can get the gist of her surroundings.  Tauru deals with severe tunnel vision.

The TwoBlindToRide team is setting off from Ushuaia in just a few days, so check out their Facebook page and show them some cyclist solidarity.  And be sure to follow along on their blog to find out how their ride turns out.

Two Blind to Ride

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