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World Cycling Tour – Go Bicycle Touring!

After spending months perusing books and blogs about the adventures of others, Rebecca  Holliday and Ryan Davies came to the conclusion it was high time they set off on their own adventure.

Since leaving home in England in September 2010, the couple has cycled almost 15,000 miles across Europe and Asia.  Currently, they’re on the home stretch in Australia.  New Zealand is their final destination

The entire trip has been summarized in just 22 blog posts, making it a terrific resource for time-strapped cyclists who want to get a quick overview of what cycling this popular route is all about.

In just one sitting you can devour the journey all the way from First Mistakes, in which Rebecca writes:

I do want to learn something from this week, and after having a think this is what I have come up with:

  1. Shockingly, Ryan is fitter than me and can cycle like a machine
  2. 100km per day sounds reasonable from the comfort of home, in reality it’s too far to ride every day with a loaded bike if I actually want to see anything (other than Ryan’s arse)
  3. Despite the disaster that this week has become, I am still looking forward to the rest of the year with abundance and it has no way dampened my spirits – if anything this has just spurred me on even more
  4. Our downfall was making commitments on our most optimistic schedule, which didn’t allow for getting lost, bike failures or injuries.

To Ryans’s recent entry about the horrors of riding through a rainstorm in Asia:

The road is a blur, my eyes are half-closed and my soaked shirt sticks to my back. Water runs down my nose, stings my bare arms and covers every surface. It’s wet season in this part of the world, and when it rains it really,really hammers down.

Local moped drivers shelter under bus stops, staring in bemusement at the crazy foreigners cycling through the storm, but our clothes will dry out quickly once the sun returns so we see no point in stopping. And anyway, the cool rain is a nice change from sweating in the sun.

We’ve had a few of these downpours since we left Bangkok, heading due south towards various big name tourist destinations and the Malaysian border. Cycling out of Bangkok was predictably bleak, but within 5 days we’d reached the ferry port for Ko Tao, an island off the east coast renowned for diving. We spent an excellent few days relaxing on the beach, snorkelling amongst colourful fish and bursting into laughter whilst trying to remember what it felt like to slog through Chinese deserts for weeks on end.

Times have changed!

Cyclists always have visa questions—particularly about Central Asian countries.  Rebecca and Ryan have put together a handy Visa Information Section, in which they decribe in detail their personal experiences of obtaining visas for their cycle tour.

There are lots of photos plus fun and inspiring videos.  Southeast Asia is particularly entertaining:

[vsw id=”31639096″ source=”vimeo” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

As with so many blogs, I wish I’d discovered World Cycling Tour earlier.

Enjoy the archives and follow along for the final push to New Zealand.

World Cycling Tour

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