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The Ride Round – Go Bicycle Touring!

It sounds simple.

In August, 2011 James Hirst left his home in England on a bicycle. He’s heading east and seeing where the journey takes him

Tired of telling people, “You know, I’m going to cycle round the world one day,” and getting the inevitable “Yeah right Hirst, whatever,” James has put ‘real life’ on hold and delved into an open-ended bicycle adventure.

It’s a courageous step, and one I’m sure he’ll never regret.

58 days into the ride, he’s tackled England, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.

James has settled into an easy cycling routine as evidenced in this recent post:

Schnapps with Steve

“You like some schnapps with your beer, Steve?” asked Alex
“Erm, why not?” I replied

Alex was a retired Colonel from the Hungarian army and I was sat in his weekend house, the near overflowing Danube meandering past the bottom of his garden. With a bushy, greying goatee and thick black hair he resembled a healthier Ricky Tomlinson (if Ricky Tomlinson was a former champion gymnast who swims every day). Moments earlier I had rode past his house and asked if he spoke English.

“Italianish yes, Deutsch yes, Russian yes, Hungarian yes. English, not so good. Just from rock music.”

Germany, Austria, Slovakia and now Hungary continued the pattern that emerged in France.

Asking if there are any good camp spots nearby more often than not ends in me being invited into someone’s garden.

Alex had shown me a spot to camp in his but quickly retracted the offer. Instead he used a winch to lower a camp bed from the second story of his house out into the garden, we wheeled this into the ground floor and immediately I had a warm, comfortable place to stay for the night.

Want a postcard from some exotic location?  James will pop one in the mail and there’s just one condition:  make a donation to the Macmillan Cancer Support.

If you’re hungry for bicycle touring travel tales, The Ride Round is the site for you.  Follow along as James makes his way around the planet, one pedal stroke at a time.

The Ride Round

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