Eleanor takes on Asia

Believing “It’s the differences in each of us that makes this world so beautiful,” Eleanor Moseman concocted a Photo/Bicycle Expedition around Asia.

This intrepid American woman describes herself as a dreamer, artist, photographer, nerd, mover&shaker, cycler and explorer.  After spending more than a year cycling thousands of miles solo through China, Taiwan, Mongolia and Tibet, I think it’s time she added adventurer to the list.

There’s a lot of terrific writing on this site, but you may have to do a bit of digging to find it all.

The best place to start is in the ARCHIVES.

Get ready for more than the usual country by country listings.  You’ll find topics like Defeated, Complete Randomness and I don’t give up–EVER.

This post, “A lesson I allowed to be Learned” caught my eye:

…Mongolia I have been wrestling with myself.  (Mongolians like to wrestle too).

A half a kilometer before crossing from China to Mongolia, it had been difficult.  One thing after the next.  It seemed THAT NOTHING went the way it was suppose to.  I know you should prepare for incidents like this…but seriously, never in my life had there been days after days of everything just down right sucking!

(I would have more photos but since that camera was stolen I’m missing some stuff).

We tried to ride North from Zamyn Udd but the road disappeared – literally.  I had been warned to NOT FOLLOW jeep/motorcycle tracks as they can lead you nowhere, or your death.  After attempting to talk to two truck drivers (from big Russian-wheelers), one woman, and a young girl in a pink silk dress – we asked them about the roads and he just pointed towards Zamyn Udd spreading his arms back and forth horizontally. (I understood this as saying the roads are everywhere).

This is where we tried to hitch hike.

If you’re looking for fuel to feed your travel addiction, check out Eleanor’s amazing photos.

Eleanor’s two-wheeled adventure has taken her as far as Tibet, so now’s the time to take a trip with her through some of the world’s most awe-inspiring scenery.

Follow along on 2Wheels4Girls and cheer her on as her cycling adventure comes to a crescendo.

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