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Power Cycle – Go Bicycle Touring!

No mortgage… no wife… no kids… and now no job… what’s a guy living in South Florida to do? Jump on a bike and ride around the world.

That’s the decision Scott Mullins made back in February 2009.

Since then, Scott’s been bouncing around the Americas and currently finds himself taking on the grueling back roads of the Argentine Andes.

PowerCycle is an easy site to delve into.  Reading Scott’s blog posts feels like listening to an old friend recounting his day.

Here’s the rehash from a recent day biking to San Antonio de los Cobres:

Miserable day. The heater in my room last night gave me a bit of a headache so that was hanging over me all day.

Getting ready this morning I have to listen to a semi idling its engine outside my door for half an hour. Then I hit the road for 44 miles of dust, rocks and sand. Near the top of the big climb a couple motorcycle touring guys rode by (standing up because the road was too bumpy for them).

I ride a little further and one of them had stopped, gotten off his bike and was taking pictures of me while I was coming up the road. That pissed me off. It’s pretty well understood that you ask before taking a picture of someone.

Or take one, wave and keep going. Running from one side of the road to another posing me against a nice backdrop just makes me want to push you over the cliff when I ride by.

My front tire went flat at one point but I was only 10 miles from town so I put more air in and kept going.

Once in San Antonio I rode around forever trying to find a hostel but the places I checked out were too expensive or didn’t have wifi.

The wind was horrible again and when I was checking out a room it blew over my bike snapping my Click-stand in half. Didn’t take long for that purchase to get destroyed.

At the end of each post, Scott gives a brief summary of the day:

Mood: Bad Weather: Sunny/Mild
Wind: Strong Wind Direction: Tail
Avg Speed: 6.7 mph (10.8 km/h) Top Speed: 22 mph (35.4 km/h)
Avg Grade: 2% Max Grade: 16%
Total Ascent: 2450 ft (746.8 m) Max Elevation: 15002 ft (4572.6 m)
Distance: 44.09 mi (71 km) Total Distance: 21777 mi (35046.7 km)

The FAQ section includes all the usual favorites, like “Where do you sleep?” and a few unusual questions. My personal favorite is “What isn’t anything like you expected it to be?”

But to really get the lowdown on long-distance cycle touring, you’ll have to turn to the Ask me Anything Section.  You really can ask Scott ANYTHING.  And here’s the best part…you’ll get an honest answer.

If you’re planning a bicycle tour and wondering what you’ll need for replacement parts, check out Bicycle Health.  Scott’s meticulously kept track of all his gear failures.

Scott’s still going strong, so get in on this round the world cycling adventure and tour this wild and wonderful world vicariously with PowerCycle.

Power Cycle

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