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Around the World for Water – Go Bicycle Touring!

Englishmen Rob Lucas  (favorite quote: “Courage isn’t about not being afraid, it is about being afraid; but still doing it anyway”) and Thomas William Riley (favorite quote: “Determination is doing the thing you said you would do long after the mood in which you said it has left you”) are aiming to cycle 20,000 miles around the world, passing through twenty countries on four continents.

In just 18 months, the energetic duo expects to ride across Europe and Asia, pedal from coast to coast in the USA and take on the challenges of West Africa before spinning their wheels northward back home to England.

Here’s a brief run-down of their intended route for circumnavigating the globe by bicycle:

SEPTEMBER 2011 – England/Netherlands/Germany
OCTOBER 2011- Austria/Hungary/Romania
NOVEMBER 2011- Ukraine/Russia
DECECMBER/JAN 2012 – The Stans
JAN/FEB/MARCH 2012 – China
APRIL 2012 – Japan
MAY 2012- Alaska
JUNE 2012 – Canada
JULY/AUGUST 2012 – America
SEPT 2012 – Ghana/Burkina
OCT 2012- Mali/Mauritania
NOV 2012 – Western Sahara/Morocco
DECEMBER 2012 – Spain and the finish line in England

At 21, Rob and Thomas are obviously more energetic than most touring cyclists.

Although they’ll need to put in long days in the saddle to meet their mileage goals, the team is still taking time out to visit schools and speak about the link between access to clean water and quality of life.

They’ve also put together a fine blog documenting their daily adventures.  Here’s a snippet from a recent post about early winter cycling conditions:

Rob: “Tom I think it’s snowed in the night you can see it at the bottom of the tent”

Tom: “Nah it can’t have done, that’s just condensation”

Rob: “I really think it might have snowed”

Tom: “Seriously Rob it’s just rain! There’s no way it could have snowed it’s the 8th of October!”

We opened the tent to settle the debate and sure enough it had snowed!

Several inches of fresh powder covered everything and the thermometer on our cycling computers read 0 degrees!

Like two excited children we dug all of our winter gear out from the bottom of our panniers and headed out onto the slippery road. It continued to snow all morning as we cycled through the mountains.

The few people that passed us in cars either beeped and waved or just stared, perplexed by the two foreign idiots cycling in the snow. By lunch time we had dropped below the snow line and sadly the snow turned to rain, it had been a pretty exciting morning though and a nice little taste of what is in store for the next 5 months or so.

This epic cycle tour is just getting off the ground, so why not follow along and live the adventure vicariously as Rob and Thomas experience the world by bicycle.  Around the World for Water

Around the World for Water
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