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A pedal powered jaunt through Europe – Go Bicycle Touring!

Better catch these guys quick because they aim to cycle 6,000 kilometers through 20 countries in just 100 days.

Brits James Thomas and Adrian Redfern have already tackled 13 European countries in just 60 days, all the while managing to keep us smiling with their delightful blog entries.

Here’s the latest yarn from their time bicycle touring in Serbia.  The post is entitled The Time Traveller’s Bike

It was like we had travelled back to time somehow. As if cycling through one of my granddad’s memories of Staffordshire when he were a lad, we start our Serbian journey in little farming villages.

Buzzing with activity, real work, real places, real people. As we pass them by everyone says hello or waves us on. Old folk watch the world go by their doorstep, farm workers ride on tractor trailers, children play in the streets and half a dozen escapee piglets scuttle off squealing down the road. People still grow their own food and collect their own fuel. Village shops, fascinating dimly lit little grottos, sell just about everything under the sun. Welcome to the Balkans!

Seeing a country on a bike means you’re usually introduced to the countryside before you hit the cities. There’s something beautiful about travelling this way, like tracing a spring to the sea. It is a way of putting things into perspective and appreciating the contrast within a nation.

If you’re planning a European cycle tour, be sure to check out the Route Planning page.

Don’t wait to get on board, because these intrepid bicycle tourists will be back in England before you know it.

Check out the blog Really Big Bike Trip and follow along on Twitter.

A pedal powered jaunt through Europe

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