The Geography of Youth

Alan Winslow and Morrigan McCarthy set off  in July of 2011 from Fairbanks, Alaska to ride their bicycles 30,000 miles around the world.

Funding for their epic ride comes from the 230 backers who have contributed $16,589 through the Kickstarter program to help finance their project.

Keep your envy in check,  because  these guys are doing more than just riding for the sake of adventure.

The goal of The Geography of Youth is to promote global connections and understanding within the next generation by documenting through photography what life is like for hundreds of twenty-somethings around the world, and sharing their stories.

Both Morrigan and Alan bring plenty of talent to the task.

She’s a writer and photographer and a firm believer in the power of  storytelling through art.  Her  work has been seen in publications as diverse as The New York Times, Broadway World, Salt Magazine and Port City Life.

He’s a photographer and artist who has travelled around America educating  photographers in technique and printing.

I’m expecting great things from this tour. Vivid images and terrific travel tales as well as insights into what’s happening with today’s youth around the world.

Alan and Morrirgan have already proven themselves on an 11.000 mile tour around America documenting the lives of everyday Americans.  Their world bicycle tour can only add more to global understanding.

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