Cycling around the world or even across the country is a serious undertaking.

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, quit your job and set off on a major cycling tour, Adventure Cycling’s recently launched Bike Overnights is the site for you.

Their motto, ‘Don’t wait to go cross country. Go overnight,’ sums up perfectly the site’s focus.

Bike Overnights will provide the inspiration and resources to help you get out and enjoy a short bike adventure.

Bicycle Touring really isn’t all that complicated.    If you’re a bicycle touring newbie, go to First Nights .  Here you’ll get the low-down on planning your first bike overnight.

You’ll also want to watch this short, entertaining video on How to Pack your Panniers:

Naturally you’ll also want to know what to pack for your first bike overnight.

And finally, the biggest question of all, Where to Go?

What’s great about this site is that a lot of the content is user generated.  That means you can share your own bicycle touring  tips and tricks and route ideas.

If you’re already a seasoned bike overnighter, why not inspire others  by submitting a trip idea.

Give Bike Overnights a browse, build your bicycle touring confidence and then get out there and enjoy a weekend micro-adventure.  You can do it!

Bike Overnights

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