Two Wheels to Addis

Spencer and Ben are bicycling, blogging and filming their way through Africa from Johannesburg to Addis Ababa.

As they say on their blog, that’s like Florida to Alaska, but longer and with more food poisoning.

You’re always guaranteed a good read and a few laughs when you browse this bicycle touring blog.  I absolutely loved this post entitled White People do some Crazy Shi*t:

When you tell someone you’re going to bicycle through Africa, it’s funny. The reaction is rarely complacent. It’s either that’s awesome or oh my god you’re going to die. And yet bicycling through Africa isn’t crazy, I don’t think. It’s been done, many times. Sometimes you get a different reaction.

Take the first night in Cape Town, drinks at a bar that is more like a house, two stories, haphazard decorating and a bed. The population is high, sky high, eyes blazed red. The conversation is of Miles Davis, JFK and the nature of truth, I kid you not. They’re not surprised to hear of our trip, though. White people do some crazy sh*t. They climb Everest, bike around Africa, but do they go out to the township?

People are funny. The endeavors we choose to tackle. I’m still trying to figure out why I’m here. But maybe that’s why I’m here? To figure out why I’m here?

And these guys are tough.  An unfortunate accident early into the trip has left them a little shaken, but they’ve been able to keep their perspective.  Here’s an excerpt from Drip Drip Drop Drop:

I can’t remember why or how; it was all too quick. I’m not used to riding a bicycle loaded with bags weighing 70 pounds and I’m not used to riding my bicycle on the freeway. I guess the traffic and crossing those four lanes got to me and I made the turn too sharp too fast and ended up with my head in a puddle of glass.
I can distinctly remember the asphalt, its ubiquitous scratchy dark texture. I remember flying towards it, the impact of my head crashing into it and then opening my eyes but being able to only open one, to see blood dripping onto broken glass.

I remember Ben. F*ck. F*ck!! Are You Okay? He handed me an antiseptic pad. It didn’t seem up to the task. But yes. I am okay. I could open the other eye, though it blurred out and then hazed red. I realized it was only blood slipping under the contact lens. I’m okay.

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  1. Thanks for rave the review! Short of a much more debilitating injury video and much better is yet to come!

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