Exploring Europe and beyond

Simon Lindley found himself wallowing around a warm and comfortable rut and decided to do what many of us only dream of:  quit his job and explore the world by bicycle.

His comfortable London lifestyle is now a thing of the past, and soon he’ll strap carefully selected worldly possessions on the back of his bike and set off on a two-wheeled journey of discovery.

Here’s a look at what type of discovery Simon’s got in mind:

| Cycle around Europe | Take in as many different countries as possible | Visit and get involved in design projects, architecture, sustainable living projects, localised communities | Explore the untouched landscapes | Find areas of wilderness | Swim in every ocean and body of water | Dive into flowing natural pools and rivers | Tunnel into caves | Climb jagged boulders | Hike to the peak of mountains | Dwell within forests and Woods | Find my own place to sleep under the stars each night | Forage for food as often as possible without starving! | Watch and get involved in sporting and cultural events | Eat the best local produce | Visit my Grandmother’s birthplace in Eastern Europe | Learn about the history and stories of the places I visit and the people I meet | Go to as many parties as I can find | Discover what goes on inside my head! |

Simon shares his excitement and anxiety as he struggles with the last-minute logistics of organzing his bicycle tour.  Here’s an excerpt from London Countdown:

It feels like I’ve been swept into a whirlwind of organisation, things have slowly come together and I’ve somehow battled and won against the laws of logistics to allow me to ‘get my shit together!’ leaving the last week so far, to accompanying friends eating good food, drinking our body weight in wine, watching the flames dance around the coals of a BBQ and wishing I’d managed to get more sleep in between, all the while finishing work off and doing the last bits of packing my life into cardboard containers. Cycling round the world will be a doddle after this!

[stextbox id=”grey” caption=”Check out the site”]Exploring Forever looks like a good bicycle touring blog for sensitive nature-loving  types and anybody interested in finding out how getting way out of your comfort zone and setting off on an adventure can change a life.  Follow the blog and catch up with Simon on Twitter.[/stextbox]

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