Cycle to Kenya in 70 Days

Some cyclists take it slow, others like to see just how far they can push themselves physically.

Mat Smith and Tim Simpson plan to ride a tandem from the U.K. to Kenya.  Nothing too unusual about that except that they intend to cover the 5,500 miles separating the two countries in under 70 days.

Clearly, these two pedaling pals fall into that second– super-energetic– group of cyclists.

In a recent blog post, Mat and Tim talk about why they’ve decided to ride a tandem to Kenya:

We want to see more of the world, experience different cultures, meet new people and see some fantastic sights. But, we also want to embrace a bit of the misery too. It’s going to be really, really tough. We have to cover a lot  of miles every day to make it to Kenya on time – more than Mark Beaumont did per day when setting his round the world record, ouch! We will have to negotiate deserts, mountain ranges, alien dialects and strange food. It certainly won’t all be plain sailing and there are bound to be plenty of mishaps and misadventures along the way that will test us both mentally and physically. That is all part of the why, challenging ourselves and hopefully succeeding.

The guys sure have set a challenge for themselves.  And they’ll need your support.

Go along for the ride!
The tour gets underway on June 2nd.  You can follow along on Facebook and keep up with their progress on their site: Cycle 2Kenya.

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