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Woolly Pigs: a good place for gear-heads! – Go Bicycle Touring!

If you’re a gear-head, this is the bicycle touring blog for you.

Henrik Risager, the informative force behind Woolly Pigs, is a master at reviewing bikes and gear.  He’s thorough in his research, and isn’t shy about letting you know when gear hasn’t lived up to expectations.   His site aims to help others see that you don’t have to be a professional cyclist to enjoy a ride or a ‘pootle’ as he calls it.

An avid cyclist now based in London, Henrik blogs about what it’s like to be new to bicycle touring.  He’s put together a helpful list of things he’s learned while bicycle touring.

If you’re looking for a detailed look at life on the road and some helpful advice on routes, Woolly Pigs is a good place to start.  So far the blog covers these destinations:

Cycling in Croatia
Campsites in Croatia
Touring in Wales
Cycling in Denmark
Cycle touring in Australia
Cycle touring in New Zealand
Camping in New Zealand

The gear reviews are far more than fluff.  Woolly Pigs really gets down to the nitty gritty as you’ll see in this excerpt from a review of SealSkinz ultra-grip waterproof gloves:

I wouldn’t say that I have big hands, but even the XL versions are rather tight at first. But after a few weeks using them they loosen up, but still a tight fit. The best bit of the tight glove is that you get a great grip on what ever you are holding and a feel of what you are touching.

They state that they are 100% waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane. With merino wool “for excellent wicking and thermal performance” these parts are somewhat true.

They surely are warm when it is above 5c and you are active. Gentle walk isn’t enough to heat them up if it is below 0c. When I cycle with them they take a long time warm up on really cold days.

The waterproof’ness you gotta take with some salt, they are not, think a wetsuit. And the breath-ability too, when it is over 5c and you are active your glove get rather wet inside from sweat. I would say 20 min cycling in heavy cold rain your finger are wet but still warm.

The main problem with these gloves is that when wet they take a long time to dry. And also takes a long time to get warm again even when you are very active. They are a real pain to take off and put back on when wet.

Woolly Pigs is an excellent blog that’s growing fast.  Check it out for gear reviews and a fresh look at what bicycle touring is all about.

Woolly Pigs: a good place for gear-heads!

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