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Rediscovering a childhood passion – Go Bicycle Touring!

Circa 1978, soon after learning to walk, Shane’s parents taught him how to ride a bike. This little lesson changed his life forever. In 2006, he rediscovered his childhood passion for cycling and the world hasn’t been the same since.   Cycling has changed Shane’s life, and now he wants it to change yours.

A fun place to find out more about Shane is on his 4 x 9 list.  He says the idea wasn’t his own, having copied it  from Darren Alff who saw it on  Alastair Humphreys website who saw it on the website of Ben Saunders. It’s a good idea and I might just nab the concept, too.

Shane’s latest project is bicycle tour through Africa.  He got a little taste of what the continent has to offer on a recent one-month cycle trip through Uganda.  You’ll you’ll find useful information about cycling in Uganda, including the route he took, road conditions, GPS tracks and accommodation.

I like Shane’s honest style about the trials tribulations of bicycle touring.  Here’s what he has to say about dealing with pesky kids:

Up until Kabale/lake Bunyonyi the amout of kids asking for money/pen had increased to about 70%. Unfortunatly the road between Kabele and Kisoro was hell on earth in this respect, 99% of the kids where asking for money/pen, and often quite aggressive about it too.

One kid hassled me for about 3km and when he finally decided he’d had enough punched my rear pannier(I thought) and ran off. Once in town I realized that my sunblock was missing……great, sunburn again.

The full damage of the incident became apparent the next day, after spending about 3 hours climbing back out of the Kisoro valley (nice views of the Volcano’s btw), I was pretty hungry(I mean really hungry), so decided to stop and cook up a big lunch with the rest of my rice, kidney beans and tomato sauce. Only to find out the little shit from yesterday had also stolen the pump from my burner, so no rice and a lunch of cold kidney beans and tomato sauce…….sense of humour failure moment *&%^&*(%$.

Shane has lots of bicycle touring videos on Vimeo.

Here’s the trailer from his coast to coast bicycle ride across America:

He’s also put together info on his bike, gear and another category he refers to as handy stuff.

Shane has put a lot of work into making his bicycle touring blog both useful and entertaining.  I know I’ll be following along to see what happens as he sets off on his epic ride through Africa.

Rediscovering a childhood passion

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  • March 18, 2011 at 10:41 am

    Thanks for a great review!!

    This dream of yours really has turned into a great resource of information for cyclists all over the world.

    Keep up the fantastic work.



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