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Around the World with the Food Cyclist – Go Bicycle Touring!

The Food Cyclist, John Susovich, and his wife Kate are setting off on a world bicycle tour to promote good food and healthy lifestyles.  The journey will get underway with a ride across the US from Atlantic to Pacific and then on to New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, through the Middle East and finally into Europe.

John and Kate are on a two-wheeled mission to figure out how good food is produced, and discover reasons why people should choose it over “conventionally produced” food.

When they’re not pedaling, the couple will be busy documenting and sharing the differences in food production and farming techniques around the world.  There’s already a wealth of food and farming related information on the Food Cyclist Blog

John’s blogging style is easy to sink your teeth into.  In the trip updates section, he openly shares all the thoughts and emotions floating through his head as he prepares to trade in his comfortable life in New York and become a full-time bicycle nomad.

Here’s a tidbit from a recent blog update:

This is an emotional update. Don’t worry, nothing is wrong, just sharing what is in my head as the “launch day” approaches. I find that not too many touring cyclists elaborate on this and it is something I miss when I read their blogs.

At work this week they were interviewing my replacement. That is when the reality and gravity of my situation really hit home. Since the interviews on Monday I have wanted to laugh, cry, and vomit all at once. Luckily it has been nice and I have been able to do a lot of riding to clear my head. I am not nervous, and I have no doubts about my decisions, but needless to say I am feeling a fair amount of anxiety.

I continue to change and refine the route, network with farmers to find more stops, and pull my hair out at the enormity of it all. We are also working on our public speeches (another daunting task), and writing the first book. I have learned a lot from other touring cyclists and I am trying to apply that to what we are doing.

I came to the realization that right now I am trying to train for the trip, plan the trip, work at Stern, work at Brooklyn Bread, generate content for the website, write a book, write several speeches, and maintain some semblance of a social life. When we are out on the road it all becomes easier and life slows down.

This bicycle touring blog goes beyond the typical gear/route/about me pages. Dig deep and you’ll discover many gems, particularly in the Cool Stuff and Politics sections.

Kate and John will be on the road headed west towards the Pacific in just a few weeks time.  Jump aboard for an entertaining and educational bicycle journey around the world.




Around the World with the Food Cyclist

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