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2 ordinary people on an extra-ordinary adventure – Go Bicycle Touring!

Brits Matt and Debbie are no super-athletes, just two ordinary people who’ve decided to follow their dreams and cycle from home all the way to South Africa.  Toad, the official tour mascot, is along for the ride.

In spite of a few hardships in Jordan (the usual stone-throwing teens on the King’s Highway) the intrepid trio is pushing on enthusiastically.  This energetic team somehow finds the time to update their on-line journal on an almost daily basis.  They tell it like it is, never trying to sugar-coat their experiences or air-brush out the mishaps.

Here are a few tidbits from a recent entry entitled day 168 on the road between Syria and Jordan:

We negotiated our way back out of the town and began the journey towards Jerash, where we planned to spend a day having a look at the ancient Roman city. About 10km out of the town a family in an old Mercedes drove along side and offered to take us and our bikes to Jerash. The car did have a roof rack, but we can only assume that they were unaware of the weight of all our gear. After we politely refused they gave us some runner beans, waved and drove off. Now if somebody in a van was to turn up, we would have been quite happy to accept the lift as it had been quite a long day already.

With the wind starting to get up, we realised that we wouldn’t make it to Jerash today and started to look in earnest for somewhere to camp. The main road was lined with small trees and several people were picnicking between them. We looked at the possibility of setting up camp, but eventually decided against it. When the trees disappeared and were replaced by buildings, it started to look like an opportunity missed.

Stopping for a drink by a roadside shop, we were beckoned over by the owner, who introduced himself and asked us to join him in some food. While chatting about where we were going, he said that we were quite welcome to camp anywhere near his shop. Our camping problems were solved, the shop owner insisted on helping us put the tent up and we soon got settled.

On the road with a Toad is the perfect bicycle touring blog for those cubicle dwellers in need of a daily adventure fix.  Follow along and find out how the trio fares when they hit post-revolution Egypt, tackle Sudan’s Nubian Desert and encounter an even fiercer breed of stone-wielding menaces in Ethiopia.

2 ordinary people on an extra-ordinary adventure

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