2010 till when

Fuelled by strong will and a passion for adventure, 2010 Till When is a journey of a lifetime for Brits Sam Stephens and Sarah “Thumper” Jones.  The duo are heading off the beaten track to find what the real world has to offer. And they’re doing it all by bicycle.

Having fun while exploring the world (as opposed to torturing yourself by cycling as fast as you possibly can across continents) seems to be the main objective of the 2010 Till When team.

Of course they’re plagued by the usual suffering accompanying any bicycle tour, but Sam and Sarah never seem to dwell on the tough side of cycling.  Political instability in northern Africa has put a dent in their plans to cycle through to the Middle East, and for the moment they’re in Italy, waiting out the winter.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent post: Morocco-a-go-go

Well, Morocco (according to our newly acquired 15 year old Maroccan guidebook) has the worst traffic safety record known in the history of the universe (OK, OK, that’s a slight exaggeration). So that’s a good start for two vulnerable cyclists then!
Turns out that although the main roads are chaotic, most drivers smile, honk their horns & wave as they eagerly swerve out of your way & career towards the oncoming traffic, putting their own lives at risk instead. Most lorry drivers are equally as courteous, but we’re finding it’s the bus drivers you have to watch out for- all wanting to be the next Michael Schumacher, fully forgetting that they’re driving a 49 seater coach that could swiftly turn a cyclist into a smoothie.

After a day of bus dodging, we were knackered. Our journey had taken us into the foothills of the Rif Mountains- a barren landscape with a distinct lack of wild camp prospects. It was time to use our new found courage to ask for a place to camp. It can’t be as painful as we imagine it to be can it?
Attempt #1- Man in field building wall- FAIL. (Note to self: try “Parlez vous Francais” beforeITALIC speeling off plea.)
Attempt #2- Man in front of house selling oil. “Parlez vous Francais?”. “No, Espanol”. (Close enough!) After some bad Spanish accompanied by mime, the man was insisting we come into his house and not camp. SUCCESS!
He and his rather large family took good care of us for the night, in return we tinkled a few tunes on harmonica and ukulele- this being greatly amusing for the 10 children we had poking and prodding us.

The journey’s also got a musical aspect since Sam’s packing a ukulele and harmonica with him and will be busking around the world.

They’ve put together a fun, challenging and highly addictive geography game to highlight all the places they dream of visiting.

These two are prolific video makers, so check out their work on YouTube:

And if it’s inspiring images you’re after, hop on over to the 2010 till when Flickr Photo Stream for loads of creative photos from their travels.

The future is up in the air for Sam and Sarah of 2010 Till When.  Follow along on their blog and find out where fate takes them and their trusty bicycles.


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