The Biciclown: on a two-wheeled mission to spread smiles around the world

Spanaird Alvaro Neil, better known as The Biciclown, has been living the life of a two-wheeled nomad  since 2001.  He’s a professional clown and through his project, Miles of Smiles Around the World, he puts on free performances all around the world to bring a smile to people in refugee camps, prisons, hospitals and far-flung villages.

Realizing that “the cemetery is full of dreamers and I did not want to join them,” Alvaro has vowed not to return to Spain until his epic round the world bicycle tour is completed.  With more than 86,000 kilometers beneath his wheels, the Biciclown is well on his way to achieving his dream.  2014 is his projected date of completion, but if the world tour takes longer, so be it.

Alvaro says he wants death to get to him with an empty wallet and the heart full of landscapes and smiles. He believes that You do not fly because you have wings, but rather wings grow because you have flown.

The latest leg of this epic adventure takes place in Asia.  Here’s a recent dispatch from Japan:

Imdon (in Japanese slang meaning premature ejaculation) and that for me means that I have finally reached the land of the rising sun. One of the most expensive countries on earth. I Tour the supermarket with my hands inside of my pockets and my desire on quarantine. Euro has chosen the wrong time to subside against the yen. Today I saw a carrot at half a euro, 5 slices of sandwich bread for 3 euros … I’m looking for expire items only, like 5 tomatoes wilted for one euro. Finally is what you live on the bike in the world. The hotels I do not even look at them. The Japanese did not look at me.

But always someone give me give me some water, oranges, cookies. As the guy who got me into the house of his parents. Never a stranger had passed the threshold. The house was so small that there were no beds. Japanese custom seems to be to collect the day mattresses, air them and bring them into the night. The rooms are multipurpose rooms. What remedy in such a populous country. My friend was 26 years old and next month he will began his world tour on a bike. What a coincidence.

I turn to the south, where the cold may not be as sharp. The days are short and not much time to ride. In Japan, the sun seems not to heat it as part of a set. The fish do not smell bad, the cars do not honk…
I try to learn the rules of this country to avoid offending their inhabitants. Any error will not be subject to failure, because the Japanese are forgiving and smile even when they caught their fingers in the door, but I will not bother them. Everything seems to move in another dimension. Everything is slow and my cycling too, because after the break to write I’m not in a good shape. He barely arrived now at 75 kms per day. Karma and I are overweight. I have gained 5 kilos which I should transform into muscle to help me up.

Hungry cyclists will want to check out the Biciclown’s collection of easy to make recipes from around the world.  You’ll find everything from a recipe for Solar Rice out of Kenya to a Gabonese specialty called Solidarity Salad.

The Bicilown’s latest project is a doucumentary called The Nomad’s Smile.  Filmed in Mongolia, India and Nepal, it brings together the unique universe of a man, his bicycle and his clown´s red nose.

You can support the Biciclown and his MOSAW project by purchasing the BOOKS or DOCUMENTARIES he has published.

Alvaro’s got lots of videos on YouTube.  Here are a couple I’m sure you’ll like, it’s just a pity the documentary is only in Spanish.

Ride along as the Biciclown spreads happiness around the world.  Maybe he’ll bring a smile to you, too.

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