Sheila Poettgen and Kai Forlie are following their desire to live more intentional and sustainable lives.   They’ve redefined their priorities, drastically reduced their debt, and are in the process of eliminating things that prevent them from fulfilling their dreams of cycling around the world.

Their awesome new website, 2cycle2gether, documents not just their cycling journey but also provides bicycle touring resources and showcases interviews with touring cyclists.

One of the sections I like most is Cycling Shorts, a series of short Q & A interviews with cyclists.   Shelia and Kai find out what motivates bicycle travelers to pursue long term touring, what challenges they face, and what advice they would offer others dreaming of a bicycle tour. The first interview is a chat with Emma and Justin from Rolling Tales and in the second cycling shorts, Tom Allen from Ride Earth shares his  thoughts about cycling around the world.

The gear section is growing fast.  Kai and Sheila cover topics as varied as water storage on a bicycle tour to DIY rack mounted lights.  The articles are more than just a glossy overview of what’s on the market.  They take great care to describe in detail what gear works best and even include helpful videos.

The Tiny House section is good food for thought.  Alright, this has nothing at all to do with bicycle touring, but just take a look.

There are still 84 days to go before the couple sets off on their round the world bicycle touring adventure.  Here’s what their hoping to accomplish on their epic bike tour:

  • to challenge ourselves
  • to open ourselves up to new experiences and opportunities
  • to enjoy life to its fullest
  • to see the world
  • to remove ourselves from a cycle of consumerism and wasteful living
  • to live a more sustainable lifestyle
  • to redefine our place within the world
  • to create more meaningful connections with people
  • to grow more familiar with the earth and each other
  • to fulfill one of our many dreams
  • to form a life better aligned with our values
  • to witness lifestyles, problems, accomplishments, and dreams of people around the world

2cycle2gether is an open-ended and self-supported global expedition beginning in spring 2011.  Follow along and find out how Kai and Sheila fare as they embark on a cycling pilgrimage to reclaim their connection to humanity and the natural world.


Great bicycle touring resources & interviews plus a multi-year tour in the works

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