Cycling to Africa with Max and Emily

Londoners Emily Conradi and Max Goldzweig are on an adventure to cycle 18000 kilometres, through 23 countries, in 9 months, from Europe to Cape Town via the Middle East. Their blog is full of anecdotes guaranteed to charm, entertain and dismay you in equal measure.  But beware: if you’re not out cycling yourself, their tales from the road are bound to fill you with a strong sensation of travel envy.

Max and Emily have a knack for highlighting the absurd and uncovering the profound hidden within the mundane.  Here’s an excerpt from an insightful and funny post about bicycle touring in Syria:

Sheiks, Rugs, and chick-n-roll

In Syria, resistance is futile. All daily normality and forward planning must be abandoned, and cyclists must submit to wonderful non-stop chaos. Since leaving the relative tranquility of Turkey, strange and unpredictable events are becoming the norm. A couple of days ago I found myself sitting in the desert on my tarpaulin ‘picnic blanket’, about 100 miles from the Iraqi border, making banana and nutella sandwiches for lunch. Only now in retrosprect, from an internet cafe in Damascus does this seem like a slightly odd thing to be doing. At the time, it was just the latest in a stream of surreal Syrian experiences. The only constant has been the people. I can honestly say that they’re the most pathologically friendly people I’ve ever come across. The extremist form of hospitality that pervades their culture is humbling, charming, and a wee bit unnerving all at the same time.

Catchy blog post titles ( Adventures in Dogmania aka Romania, Egyptian Conniptions) and inspiring quotes urge you to read on.

What could be a more appropriate lead in to a post about the challenges of bicycle touring  than Winston Churchill’s quote: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.

Max and Emily are striving to strike a balance between going slowly enough to have fun, but fast enough to get to where they’re going.  This is an excellent bicycle touring blog to follow if you’re keen to find out more about Africa and have a few laughs along the way.  Check out Cycling to Africa and get a free ride to Cape Town.

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