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Exploring the planet by bike and living car-free in America – Go Bicycle Touring!

Yellow Tent Adventures is the excellent new bicycle blog by Kat Marriner and Willie Weir.

If the name Willie Weir rings a bell, it’s because he’s a regular columnist for Adventure Cyclist magazine and the author of Travels with Willie and Spokesongs.

This master storyteller has cycled over 60,000 miles throughout the world, and still hasn’t lost his taste for adventure.

Willie and Kat have been exploring the world together by bicycle since 1996. Long distance bicycle journeys introduced them to far-off places and a simpler lifestyle. Bringing that adventure home to Seattle, they donated their car and gained new insight on their city living by foot, bicycle and transit.

Their latest adventure took them to Europe.  Here’s what Kat writes about bicycle touring in Portugal:

The Wild Coast

Experiencing Portugal’s wild coast comes at a cost, and that toll can’t be paid to fancy resorts or humble campismos. To truly experience the wild coast is to feel the winds in your face, stand on the dramatic cliffs dropping dangerously to a boiling sea, and expose yourself the elements. The land is hardened and rough covered in a tapestry of leathery plants when covered at all. The wild coast is solitude Crumbling buildings leave a tale of those who tried to stay and tame the western edge.

If you’re not quite ready to set off on a long-distance bike tour, but are curious what it’s like to live car-free, check out the LIVING section of the blog.  Here Willie writes about making cycling a part of your daily life:

This comes from a post entitled Heels on Wheels:

I love to ride my bike whether it’s running the regular errands of life or putting in miles getting ready for a trip. For years every time I road my bicycle, short distance or long, I switched my shoes, put on my black Lycra shorts, and donned my day-glo jacket before taking off. Last year after I was sold bike shoes that looked and felt like aliens that ultimately I could not abide, I switched to regular ol’ platform pedals while I looked for bike shoes that I could wear.

That was the beginning of the end. I stopped “clicking in” to ride the mile to the produce stand. I started wearing a merino wool skirt and Mary-janes on rides across town to a regular meeting. I looked for fun clothes to ride and wear to dinner parties.  The less I used special clothes to ride my bike, the more I felt the bike was just an extension of my life. The joy of riding my bike around town hit a new high as we entered our 5th year of living car-free.

Willie generously offers a free digital version of his latest book.  It’s an excellent and inspiring read which Bicycling Magazine describes as “… one of the rare bike books that gets it right.”

Unless you’re really strapped for cash, I suggest you support Willie by buying his book on Amazon.

Check out Yellow Tent Adventures and follow along as Kate and Willie cycle the world and adapt to living car-free in Seattle.

Exploring the planet by bike and living car-free in America
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