Bicycling around the World in Search of Inspiring Cycle Images

Paul Jeurissen and Grace Johnson are setting off on a multi-year cycling adventure to photograph bicycle/cycling cultures around the world.   Paul, a professional photographer, has published work in Adventure Cycling magazine, National Geographic Expeditions and Trekking Bike Magazine.

There’s an amazing amount of awesome bicycle touring photography out there, and Paul’s work tops the list.

Paul and Grace have taken numerous bicycle/photography trips – totaling more than four years over 4 continents   After realizing that Paul needed to be on the road photographing full time if he wanted to take his cycle photography to a new level, they couple made a monumental decision.

They sold their house and hit the road on an around the world bicycle tour. The journey doesn’t have a set route or itinerary and that’s the beauty of the adventure.

Obviously, you’ll want to start out by browsing the stunning photos.

Pictures are categorized into the Bicycle Culture Photo Gallery, where you’ll find photos of locals on bikes, and the Bicycle Touring Gallery,  where you’ll find photos from the couple’s numerous rides around the world.

This is the place to go if you`re in search of inspiring bicycle photography.  Grace and Paul are currently cycling Thailand.  Follow their blog and find out where their bicycle journey around the world will take them.


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