Tired of I.T.: a tale of transformation

Canadian Dave Conroy decided to drop everything and follow his dreams.  He gave up a career in IT, sold all of his possessions and traded in his 3-bedroom home for life on a bike with all his worldly goods crammed into 6 large bags.  Now he’s happy again.  Tired of IT is his story.

Dave’s quirky humor and calm character really shine through in his blog.  Here’s a story that brought a smile:

Riding the Rock

My bike was making a clacking noise while riding, and I must have jarred the derailleur while camping in the bush the night before and fears of braking down were running through my mind most of the day.

I stopped for lunch on the side of the road in a path and checked it out, gave it a little wack with the butt of my hand and everything was ok again. While I was stuffing food in my mouth I heard a funny sound – a helicopter coming my way.

I looked up and what I thought was a correct – a huge yellow helicopter was circling around me, so I stopped, waved with one hand and snapped a photo of it at close proximity before it flew off.

Little did I know, they sent an ambulance and police to the area, due to a report that I was lost! This happened within about 20 minutes of the chopper leaving and I assured them that no, I’m perfectly OK, my knees hurt, but I’m just riding my bike – yes, at the end of October.

Dave shares lots of stories of life and the road and he also has more than 50 short bicycle touring videos online.

In the articles section, you’ll find advice on gear and technology plus a few tips and tricks Dave has collected on the way.

So far, phase one of Dave’s tour has taken him across Canada.  Now he’s gearing up for the ride through Africa.  Why not follow Tired of IT and find out how Dave’s life transformation from IT specialist to bicycle nomad turns out?

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