Pedal 360: an epic ride around the world

In summer 2010, Leigh Timmis embarked on an adventure to test his  physical and mental endurance:  a solo cycle expedition around the world. From the UK he’s heading east through Europe and the Middle East, over the Himalayas and down through South East Asia to Australia. Then he’ll cycle up the west coast of the Americas before heading back through North Africa, Western Europe and home.

Why is he doing all this?  To discover some of the least visited and most inspiring people and places on the planet.

Leigh set off in search of adventure, but a quick browse through his blog and you’ll realize that the trip has evolved into much more.  His thoughts from a recent post on Building Convictions made me pause for reflection:

This week I was sitting with Jesus and we were discussing being stuck in Istanbul. We stopped and looked at each other, realising what we were saying… There are so many people out there who would kill for the opportunity to be stuck in Istanbul. I am so privileged and lucky. And in being stuck here, I have not stopped travelling. I am still learning so much about the culture and constantly meeting people, I’m submerged in a colourful whirlpool of inspiration.

To be here for 5 weeks has been a blessing and a well deserved punctuation before the next stage of the journey. Everybody is so busy defining and looking for the peaks and highlights in their time that we forget that every single moment is, to a certain extent, a peak in our lives. If only it could always be so easy to sit back and realise the perfection of enjoying a simple moment.

I read something in Scott Stoll’s book which made me think, he said, ‘every moment that we spend we have to make a decision. The decision is what we trade in this moment of our lives for.’ Many trade moments for imaginary credits that get transferred into the bank, some devote their lives to religion, some peoples’ moments are traded to addiction, at the moment I trade mine for travel. I think happiness or maybe contentment can possibly be defined when you feel that your life’s moments are being traded at a good exchange rate. Was that moment enriching? Was it worth that moment of my life? I just questioned to myself, what is the difference between the examples of wealth, religion, addiction and travel?  Anyway, right now my exchange rate is excellent!

A beautiful way to see the world!

So far there’s not too much on the site.  Leigh’s just finding his feet as a bicycle touring blogger, but I’m sure he’ll charm us with many more travel tales from the saddle as his adventure gains momentum.  Check out Pedal 360 and show your support for this epic ride.

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