More women on two-wheels

Liz Darley and Catherine Howett are busy biking from England to Thailand.  Along the way they’re connecting with young people and talking about why HIV/AIDS continues to devastate lives.  This site is particularly interesting because it offers a rare look at cycle touring from a purely female perspective.  Perhaps a new trend of all-women cycle adventures is gaining momentum.

So far these gutsy girls’ biking route has taken them through Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and the UAE.  With so many fear mongers out there telling women it’s impossible to travel without a male escort in the Muslim world, I was thrilled to read about the women’s positive experiences.

This is what the team had to say about cycling in Iran:

Iran has been… complicated. Unfailing in its hospitality, unwavering in its interest, undeniable in its   outstanding rugged sexiness. It promised nothing and delivered everything – if you ever dream of Istanbul then really you are dreaming of Esfahan. Nowhere have I ever been in my life where the people have been so genuinely interested in talking to me (more fool them!), more honest in their critique of their own situation (albeit in hushed edgy tones) and more realistic about their place in the world.  Nowhere have I ever been so helped or so welcomed – everywhere and in the middle of nowhere; from the pomegranate farmer who took us in for the night and stocked us up with eggs and bread for the next day, to the truck drivers who use their trucks of give us protection as we try to cross turnings on busy roads or fill our water bottles when we are getting low; to the many people who have given their time to lead us to whatever rough and ready bit of lodgings may be available, or offer us a safe patch of ground for our tent. And never have I had so many free lunches and free cups of tea.

The writing style on the blog is fresh and insightful, with lots of telling details that help you get a sense of what their tour is all about.

Have a look at One Little Wheel and find out how the duo fares as they hit Southeast Asia.

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