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Ray Swartz checks a dozen or so bicycle touring discussion forums and websites on a daily basis.  This bicycle touring enthusiast and retired IT expert is in search of interesting information and useful links for his Bike Touring Tips website.  Thanks to Ray’s hard work and devotion to the bicycle touring community, cyclists can easily find exactly the bicycle touring information they’re looking for.

Ray carefully indexes all the information he accumulates by location and category on Bike Touring Tips. The site is growing fast and already contains 1719 entries.

In the site’s far left column you’ll find loads of useful links. The last time I browsed Bike Touring Tips, I discovered a link to’s new Guide to Biking Brazil, a link to a thread discussing Bike Touring in Israel and a link to a Cycling Guide to Sardinia.

The middle column is where Ray publishes articles and tips based on his own extensive bicycle touring experience.   Recent posts include Planning my Tour up the East Coast and Doesn’t your Rear-End Hurt?

On the left you’ll find tour journals and information from around the world. You can even add your own tips and journals after a free registration.

Ray has assembled an amazing amount of useful bicycle touring information on his site.  Spend some time on  Bike Touring Tips and you’re almost guaranteed to find answers to all your bike touring questions.


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