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Pedaling, paddling and sailing around the globe – Go Bicycle Touring!

Kevin Shannon is on a mission to pedal, paddle and sail his way around the globe across 5 continents and 2 oceans over the next 3 years. You can follow along on his website,  Because it is There, and live this ambitious adventure vicariously.

Kevin’s  zero 
 came about through a desire to
 world, face 
 and to do what others say he canʼt.

The site is updated regularly.  Posts are a mix of tales from the road, tips for other bike travelers and random ramblings, like the one below:

It’s not about the bike

A question I get asked rather frequently is ‘was I an avid cyclist before I left’. I usually answer jokingly “What makes you think I’m an avid cyclist now?” But as my mother is forever telling me “Many a true word spoken in jest!” and she’s right, because I’m not an avid cyclist.

The bicycle is simply a means to do something. A means to travel and a way to explore with a freedom that is hard to find with another mode of transport. I am fully immersed in the worlds I pass through and the sights/smells/sounds, what I experience can not be experienced sitting  on a bus/train/plane with your nose pressed against a window.

The fact of the matter is that I would be hard pushed to find an alternative. Sure I could walk but it could take a quite a while to achieve a circumnavigation. I could rollerblade of course but there isn’t a pair of rollerblades that can handle both long distances and unpaved roads so that’s out too. I’ll admit I enjoy cycling and I’m loving life on the bike but I’m not a ‘gear head’ and I’ve only learnt about my bike through necessity. Having said that, I do feel quite attached to my bike.

I’ve anthropomorphised it in some ways. When I stay with friends or hosts I feel bad for locking ‘her’ up in a garage/shed/storeroom. If something on the bike breaks I feel personally responsible and even a little guilty.

Perhaps by the end of the expedition I’ll be an avid cyclist? Or perhaps I’ll hate cycling altogether? I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Kevin’s currently in Istanbul, faced with dilemmas and decisions.  His situation reminds me of what the young adventurer Alastair Humphreys was up against way back in 2001.

Because it is There is still in year one.  Now’s the time to start following along and see how the adventure unfolds.

Pedaling, paddling and sailing around the globe
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