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The Original Round the World by Bike – Go Bicycle Touring!

Alastair Humphreys has inspired and encouraged a whole generation of cyclists to hit the road to adventure.  In 2005, after spending 4 years cycling 46,000 miles through 60 countries on 5 continents, Alastair successfully completed his round the world by bike tour.  Alastair now challenges himself with new micro-adventures such as running the marathon des sables, trekking across India, rowing to France and walking the M25. He blogs about it all.  His website is the place to go if you need a kick in the butt, someone to challenge you to get off the couch and start making daily life and adventure.

If you’re not familiar with Alastair’s ride around the world, you’ll want to check out his original Round the World by Bike site.  What’s most compelling about Alastair’s writing is the way in which he so openly shares his feelings and fears:

Deciding to cycle round the world was a decision prompted by heady notions of adventure, challenge and self-discovery. Five months on the road had quickly rotted those glossy illusions. The sickly-sweet ‘qualities’ that litter and light up job application letters had decayed to the sordid bones and leering skull of reality: the only thing keeping me going now was stubbornness, fear of failure and sheer bloody mindedness. No doubt though if I make it to Cape Town the show-boating glamour traits will re-appear once again to grab the glory.

You may become so engrossed in his story that you’ll want to buy the books.  I did.  If you’re on the road, or just short on cash, you can also download the books for free in PDF format.

Moods Of Future Joys

Thunder And Sunshine

Ten Lessons From The Road

Alastair also offers some sound expedition planning advice.

On his blog, you’ll find regular bicycle touring related posts.  Topics run the gamut from gear reviews to random musings, like his post on the craze to cycle around the world as fast as possible.

If it’s amazing cycling photos you’re after, check these out.

On the website you’ll also find helpful tips on how to take better expedition photos.

When I’m in need of inspiration and encouragement, Alastair’s Blog is the first place I turn.  Take my advice and do the same the next time you’re in need of a little adventure boost.

The Original Round the World by Bike
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