Adventure Cycling Association

The Adventure Cycling Association is on a mission is to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle.  By all accounts, they’re doing a very good job of it.

The Adventure Cycling website really has all the bases  covered.  You’ll find help with route planning, advice on gear, inspiring stories and all the latest bike touring news. The real challenge is tearing yourself away from the computer after too much browsing.

Adventure Cycling (based in my hometown of Missoula, Montana) is best known for its routes and maps.  So far, they’ve developed 40,699 miles of cycling routes in the U.S.

The most famous route is the classic TransAmerica Trail, developed in 1976.  Other popular routes include the Pacific Coast and the Southern Tier.

If you’d like company while you pedal, you can join one of Adventure Cycling’s guided tours.

For general bike touring information, a good place to start is the Adventure Cycling Blog.  Several writers publish columns on the blog, but one of my favorites is BIKING WITHOUT BORDERS.

Here Michael McCoy blogs about a little bit of this or a little bit of that — just about anything, as long as it’s related to traveling by bicycle. Michael also compiles the Adventure Cycling’s free twice-monthly e-newsletter Bike Bits.

You’ll also want to check out TOURING GEAR AND TIPS .  This is Joshua Tack’s weekly column highlighting technical aspects of bicycle touring and offering advice to help you better prepare for your tour.

Finally, your visit to the Adventure Cycling website won’t be complete without perusing the archives of the Adventure Cyclist Magazine.   The magazine covers all angles of bicycle touring and is known for its inspiring photography and insightful stories.  You can even get a free copy of the magazine sent right to your doorstep.

There is a vast amount of information on the Adventure Cycling Association website.  Take your time and discover all the inspiring articles, route information and resources for cyclists.

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