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Experience France by Bike is a reliable resource for bicycle touring  in France.

This site is run by self-proclaimed bicycle touring junkie Maggie La Coste.  She’s been biking all round Europe for more than 20 years and has fallen in love with the slow pace of bicycle touring .  Maggie has designed Experience France by Bike to  help cyclists plan their own independent bike trips .

The site consists of blog entries and links to sites which will help you plan a bike tour in France.

Here’s a taste of what  Maggie writes about one of her recent bike trips through Burgandy:

Biking along the Route des Grand Crus, past some of the most famous vineyards in the world can be quite challenging for wine-loving cyclists!  Tasting opportunities are many, and the temptation to taste is overpowering.  But in the heat of the summer, there is only so much tasting one can do, and still manage to safely arrive at your intended destination for the night!

With this dilemma in mind, I planned ahead.  The route from the northern edge of the Cote De Beaune in Ladoix to the southern edge in Santenay could easily be covered by bike in a day.  But I wanted to really experience the area, explore the vineyards, the history, the wines and the people, so when planning my trip, I opted for shorter days of cycling, with plenty of time available at the end of the day for visiting caves, tasting and wine drinking. I allowed three days to tour the Cote De Beaune, but ultimately, this wasn’t even close to enough time.  It’s hard to narrow down my favorite tasting experiences, but these three were definitely among my favorites.

I appreciate Maggie’s unique take on what it means to be an adventurer:

I will never be an adventurer who risks great physical danger by climbing Mount Everest, swimming with the sharks, or running with the bulls. But I have experienced tremendous personal growth and confidence from our many biking adventures in France, Germany and Austria.  These adventures have expanded my universe and have changed my life and how I view travel in many ways.  Adventure for most of us can be as simple as taking a risk and exposing yourself to an unknown path.  The rewards of this simple adventure can be as life-changing as climbing Mount Everest.

In addition to regular bicycle touring news blog postings, the site also has many useful links to help you plan a bicycle touring holiday in France.

Experience France by Bike will give you an inside look at biking the backroads of France.  Have a look and start planning.

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