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A genuinely informative site, Tour.TK is filled with useful bicycle touring tips, planning guides and a good dose of inspiration.  The site is run by Sonya Spry & Aaldrik Mulder a Dutch-Australian couple who began their round the world bicycle tour in 2006. 

Amazingly, the couple finds time to keep the site up-to date, including maintaining a detailed country information database.  This is the place to turn to for the lowdown on the cost of living around the globe, general info on trip distances, climate charts, well travelled cycle routes including road conditions, bike shops, and recommended maps to use. There’s a lot of data to sift through, but you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

The ‘tip of the month’ is my favorite part of the site.  Here’s something useful I learned about starting fires when you’re wild camping:

February 2010: the perfect fire starter

With all the camping in the last months and the numerous chances to light an open fire, I thought back to this great fire-starting tip I heard about while cycling in the USA.

Soak cotton wool balls in petroleum jelly (commonly known as vaseline), and store in a sturdy ziploc bag. When it comes to starting a fire, pop one of the balls on a stick and place in an optimum position under the wood and light. It will burn long enough to get your firewood properly blazing.

If you just want to experience the ambiance of ‘on the road’ living, their journal entries will keep you occupied for hours.

In their blog, Son and Ali go into a lot of detail about everything from where they wild camp to what kind of vegetarian fare is available around the world.  And of course they share lots of stories about the travelers and locals they meet along the way.  Don’t forget to take a look at the amazing photos from their multi-continent tour.

Lastly, you’ll want to download a copy of Tour.TK’s new E-Book—Cycling Southwest Bolivia.

Cycling Bolivia made easy with this free detailed e-book.

It’s free!  This useful guide is packed full of detailed route information including distance charts and elevation profiles that will make cycling this part of South America a cinch.

Tour.TK is one of the best web sources for bicycle touring tips and comprehensive route planning advice.  Check it out!

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