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Adventure with a Purpose: Permacyclists.com – Go Bicycle Touring!

Whether you’re interested in permaculture, Africa or just adventure bicycle touring, Permacyclists.com is well worth a visit.  The site is well designed and informative, the insightful writing peppered with the occasional political rant.

The Permacyclists, Anna and Dave Meyer, are not just cycling for the sheer adventure of it all.   They’re out to learn more about issues which intrigue them, notably the environment and ecologically sustainable agriculture.

By following along on their adventure you can learn all about what local NGOs are up to and what kind of farming methods are practiced around the world.

And naturally, since this is a cycling adventure,  you’ll find your share of amusing travel tales.  Here’s one I like from Namibia:

When you’re pedaling for your second day in a Namibian national park, and you know that you’re fifty kilometers from the next human habitation and that there are elephants, leopards, and lions somewhere around, the sight of the sun nearing the western horizon is not uplifting: you just want to get the hell out of there.

And so it is on our second day in the Bwabwata National Park in the Caprivi Strip, though we actually haven’t seen any of those animals.  We have been assured they’re around by every person we meet, and there have been plenty of signs along the road to warn us of their presence, but actual animals have been limited to a group of kudu a hundred kilometers behind us.  We begin to doubt the existence of any elephants – and lions?  pure myth!

“Let’s just camp here,” Anna says as the sun disappears over the horizon. “There aren’t any animals.”

“There aren’t any animals” – the African equivalent of “It could be worse – it could be raining!” – in the next two kilometers we startle two groups of elephants eating calmly in the bush by the road – sending them running off into the trees, quickly lost from view in the dusk light.

We decide not to camp here.

In the FOR CYCLISTS section you´ll find practical information about routes, roads, food, sleeping and dogs plus helpful phrases to know.  So far countries covered include: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia.

I get a kick out of following the Permacyclists as they take on Africa, I’m sure you will, too.  Check them out.

Adventure with a Purpose: Permacyclists.com
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