Impressions from Bicycle Touring—visual stories from America and Asia.

The bicycle touring photos on Impressions from Bicycle Touring are guaranteed to take your breath away.  Photographer Paul Jeurissen and Grace Johnson, the team behind the popular site, have done a fantastic job of showcasing  the beauty of bicycle touring.

Here’s how Paul and Grace describe their photography:

We always take our camera, because bicycling brings you to the most exceptional and photogenic places on earth.

Via our camera lenses we try to visualize the feeling of travelling by bicycle: unexpected adventures, contact with other cultures and cycling through monumental scenery.  

The site covers bicycle touring photography from America, India, Nepal and Indonesia. There are even interactive maps so you can pinpoint where the shots were taken.

The feature I like best is the free E-CardsYou can download 4 cards  as a zipfile and send them directly as an email attachment to your friends. 

 If you’re in need of an escape from everyday life, these photos will transport you to a world of beauty and peace.

Impressions from Bicycle Touring

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  1. Amaya,

    Thanks for the wonderful review and all of the effort that you have put into this resource site. I’ve already started checking out some of the other reviewed sites – and you definetly have put together an excellent collection of bicycle touring websites!

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