Cycling Australia made Simple

Cycle Trails Australia takes some of the guesswork out of biking the land down under. This site answers all your burning questions about biking Australia and it does so in a fun, easy-to-read manner.

In fact, browsing Cycling Trails Australia feels more like sitting down with a new Aussie mate for a chat than surfing the internet.

The site supplies details on 12 epic bike adventures in Australia with an ‘ in-depth, full-on, all-you-need-to-know, but not-complete-hand-holding, and somewhat informal, guide to the local trail conditions.’

You’ll find out where to ride, what type of bike to use, what additional bike stuff, (ie trailer, panniers)  is needed.  You’ll also get tips on camping equipment like tents and a cooking setup.

This site tells you where to stay and, more importantly, where to stay for free.

Plus there’s info on where to find water, how much to take and how to pack it.   And if that’s not enough, these guys even give guidance on what to eat.

Lastly, Cycle Trails Australia tells you what it’s likely to cost.

The site includes helpful summaries of each of the 12 suggested rides.  As an example, here’s the overview for the Jutpurra National Park ride from Kalkarindji to Timber Creek, Northern Territory:

Great rugged 4WD track riding through remote country in the heart of the Jutpurra (Gregory) National Park for those liking some solitude. A challenge for those who appreciate, and are prepared, for the really tough mountain bike stuff. Maybe two 4WDs a day traverse the track in the short time it’s open each year. Not many others out there at all. The ownership of the national park was returned to the aboriginal people and the park renamed in May 2010 but has been leased back to the government.

More details follow plus a useful route map of each trail.

This site is well organized and the great photos make it a pleasure to browse.

Cycle Trails Australia is perhaps the best starting point for information and inspiration on biking Australia.  Have a browse and get inspired for your epic outback adventure.

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