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Some of the best touring information on the web: Cycle Tourer – Go Bicycle Touring!

The Cycle Tourer website is chock-full of all sorts of bicycle touring information: destination descriptions, touring gear advice, touring tips, travelogues, FAQs, route information and even cycling book reviews.  The site is easy to navigate and the information is presented in a clear and concise, easy-to-follow manner.

The first section on Cycle Tourer deals with Touring Gear.  Jon, the organized guy behind Cycle Tourer, breaks this vast topic into manageable  categories.  You’ll find advice on everything from bikes to tents and personal kit.  There is also a helpful Gear Checklist that you can download and modify for your own use.

Next comes Touring Tips.  There’s advice on everything from camping and food to how to get your bike on a plane.

I especially like what Jon has to say about Food on Tour:

Food is an important thing on tour as it is the fuel that gets you from A to B and it also the fuel that will help to keep you warm if it is cold weather, therefore you need to eat a good and well balanced diet on tour.

Forget about any diets that you might be on and eat plenty. If you use an online calorie counter such as the one a Stevens Creek Software it is interesting to see how many calories it reckons you will burn cycling in a day. On a typical days touring with 5 hours of cycling it reckons an average cyclist will use approximately 4885 calories. Last year on a four week tour in Iceland we both lost a stone each and we didn’t think that we particularly stinted on our food intake.

We can’t stress how important eating regularly and the right types of food is on tour. If you find yourself flagging and lacking in energy then look at what you are eating. Begin to listen to what your body needs, it is amazing how just stopping for a small snack can pick you up and help you along.

His  tip on chopsticks will surely come in handy one day:

Carry a chopstick with you, very useful to get your chain back on without getting your hands covered in oil!

Used it a couple of times and it works a treat.

We have also found it useful for cleaning the mud out of your cleats and moving a washing up greeny around in the bottom of a flask to remove the accumulated grolly snot.


In the country Information section the following countries are covered: touring in Belgium , Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Sweden and the UK

You’ll find everything you need to know about routes, cycle paths, camping facilities, shops, ferries, trains and maps.  There are also helpful tips on what to watch out for in each country

In the FAQ section you’ll find information on everything from which camera Jon and his wife Frank use, to how they wash up and do laundry while on the road.

Cycle Tourer is an incredibly helpful website, offering a wealth of advice for anyone planning a bicycle tour.  Check it out and make planning your next tour a whole lot easier.

Some of the best touring information on the web: Cycle Tourer
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