Excellent all-around site–Bicycle Touring Pro

Bicycle Touring Pro is a professional, well-run site, filled with easy to browse information and advice on all aspects of bicycle touring.

The site’s strong point is its detailed articles on how to plan, prepare for and execute a bicycle tour.   If you’re someone who likes to do his homework before setting off, and be up on all the technologically advanced gear, this is the site for you.

Darren Alff is the hardworking cycling enthusiast behind Bicycle Touring Pro.  Since 2007, Darren has been regularly publishing gear reviews, touring tips, cycling news and tales from his own bicycle travels.  His site has developed into one of the most comprehensive resources for planning a bicycle tour.

While there’s plenty of useful free advice on Bicycle Touring Pro, the site has a definite commercial edge to it.  Darren markets his Bicycle Traveler’s Blueprint, in which he promises to teach you his “time-tested strategies for bicycle touring success.”

I’ve no doubt the information in the Bicycle Traveler’s Blueprint is helpful, and it may well be worth the $24.95 USD price tag.  In any case, Darren offers a “100% money-back guarantee, which will be immediate, hassle-free, and with no questions asked.”

Although I’ve yet to order my Bicycle Traveler’s Blueprint, I did sign up for Darren’s FREE 12-part Bicycle Touring email mini-course.  Darren’s course is filled with all sorts of useful information on purchasing gear, how to plan and prepare for a tour and what to expect on the road.  The information is easy to devour because it comes direct to your in-box at regularly spaced intervals.  This saves a lot of time browsing the web site.

The information in the mini-course is invaluable for a first-time bicycle tourer.  Even as a seasoned long-distance cyclist I discovered new bicycle touring tricks.  Why not sign up?   It’s free.

Browsing Bicycle Touring Pro, you will be amazed at the sheer breadth of topics covered.  Recent posts have included:

Bicycle Touring For Weight Loss

Freeload Rack Review: A Full-Suspension Bicycle Rack

How to take Amazing Travel Photos

The United States of Delirium: A Book about the Race across America

Are Americans Afraid of World Travel?

Darren also regularly puts together webcasts and videos touching on such subjects as “Has Bicycle Touring Become Boring?”

Bicycle Touring Pro is an all-around excellent site for both first time bike travelers and experienced long distance cyclists.  Check it out– you’re in for hours and hours of happy browsing.

2 thoughts on “Excellent all-around site–Bicycle Touring Pro”

  1. Thanks so much for your review of my website. Totally appreciated! This kind of stuff motivates me to keep working on the site… and make it even better in the future! Thanks again!

  2. Rob Lindegger


    I am putting together an extended bike ride around Africa and Europe.
    Is there anyway – peddle power/solar/wind means of recharging ‘aa’ ‘aaa’ batteries whilest riding. Or do you have to plug into the local grid when you come across one.

    Many thanks for a great site and any help you maybe able to afford me.



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