Inspiration, resources, and bike touring tips all in one: Travelling Two Site Review  

has become one of the most popular Bicycle Touring websites on the Internet.  It’s not hard to figure out why.    

Friedel Grant, the creative force behind, has designed her site to appeal to all types of cyclists.    


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Those new to bicycle touring will want to check out her free e-book, Bicycle Touring Basics.  The free guide is chock full of helpful advice and covers everything from choosing a touring bike to finding a safe place to sleep while you’re on tour.  I’d say this little e-book will answer 98% of your basic bicycle touring questions.  And it’s free.  Completely free.   

One of my favorite features on the Travelling Two web site is the 10 Questions column.  This is a series of interviews with touring cyclists.    

Friedel asks each cyclist unique and relevant questions based on the destination she’s featuring.  It’s a great way to discover a spot for your next tour and see what bicycle touring is like from a variety of perspectives.  Friedel is a professional journalist who’s blessed with an uncanny ability to ask just the right questions.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent 10 questions interview with Dave, an American bike tourist, who talks about cycling in Vietnam:   

Vietnam is famous for its heavy traffic. Do you think it’s a problem for bike tourists and can you escape the traffic?   

I guess it is all relative to what you are used to. I come from the New York City area so am used the the traffic. If you are an experienced cyclist and comfortable riding with cars I don’t think the traffic is an issue. One thing I have found in Vietnam is that with so many motorcycles on the road cars are used to riding with two wheeled vehicles. You can definitely escape the traffic all together on roads along the coast as well as on my recent trip in Central Highlands I was riding on the main Hwy between cities and the traffic was pretty light.   

In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi of course the traffic is very heavy and chaotic. Again, because it is mostly motorcycles and slow moving I think it is easy and fun riding once you learn the unique rules of the road.   

In your journals, you talk about being followed by crowds and generally gathering a lot of attention on your bicycle. Was this enjoyable for you or sometimes stressful?    

I have biked in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and have found the Vietnamese people the by far the most open and friendly as you ride along the road. It can get tiring saying hello in response to everyone as you ride along. It is great to see how happy people, and particularly children, are when they yell hello and get a hello response. I think it is easy to interact with people and a very enjoyable part of the experience of biking in Asia.   

That’s a taste of a 10 Questions interview.  There are many more 10 Questions interviews to choose from on the Travelling Two archives.   

If it’s touring tips you’re after, you won’t be disappointed.  The Travelling Two site covers everything from filtering water to dealing with dogs to tips on how to make the perfect camp coffee.   Other sections include Bike Camping Tools & Gear ,Technology on the Bike and country-by-country information.   

A unique part of the site is the En-CYCLO-pedia.  It’s an on-line a photo gallery of cycle tourists  from every walk of life.   Old-timers and newcomers, epic journeys or just round the block, you’ll find it all there.   

Finally, if you like to get your Bike Touring inspiration in the ears, you’ll want to check out the Travelling Two Podcast.  I haven’t missed an episode.  Friedel shares bike touring news and interviews with touring cyclists.  Sign-up is easy through I-Tunes or you can listen on the site.   

Perhaps the only drawback to Travelling Two, is that there’s so much stuff you don’t know where to start.  I suggest dowloading that free-book and then browsing through the touring resources section.   

TravellingTwo is already one of the very best bicycle touring websites, and it just keeps getting better.  CHECK IT OUT!   


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